Other ceremonies

IMG_4244Commitment Ceremonies – A commitment ceremony is similar to a wedding. The difference is that it isn’t a legally binding ceremony. It is simply and respectfully, a public affirmation of a couples’ commitment to one another. Generally these ceremonies are for people who are unable to marry under Australian law or for their own reasons choose not to.

Renewal of Vows Ceremonies – This is a ceremony that is a beautiful way for couples to reaffirm their commitment to one another. Often and not always, this ceremony is particularly relevant to couples that have experienced a period of strain that has impacted on their relationship but now they want to reaffirm their commitment to one another.

Baby Naming – A beautiful ceremony, which is simply and heartfelt a public gesture of the love and commitment to your child. This ceremony is not legally binding in any way and the record of the ceremony cannot be used as proof of identification.